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My son has been a good eater since we started introducing solids to him, always asking for more and rarely rejecting foods. So where most moms battles are just trying to get their toddler to eat anything healthy my battle is what to cook for Baby H each week to keep him interested. I want to cook meals that give his palate flavor variations and new tastes. Always trying to find easy and nutritionally balanced recipes to prepare that he will eat and love! Last week at our weekly play date the question about toddler meals came up so I decided to write up the easy recipe that I make for Baby H usually once a week.

Chicken and Lentils with Vegetables

Handful of Lentils (I use green lentils but whatever you have is fine)
Chicken Broth 8oz individual portion
1 Boneless Chicken Breast chunked
Assortment of chopped up vegetables 2 handfuls worth.
     This week I used: Broccoli, Capsicum, Carrots, Cauliflower, Garlic, Kale,
     Onion, Squash, Zucchini
Handful of Sweet Potato or Potato chunked

I think you are getting the idea with the ingredients. It is almost like a pantry meal (whatever you have will work) sometimes I use fresh and sometimes I use frozen.

1. Place lentils in a sauté pan, pour in chicken broth, let sit for 20 min.
2. Put chunked chicken, vegetable assortment and potatoes into the sauté pan.
3. Cover pan and cook on medium/high heat for 20 min (until the broth is evaporated and chicken cooked.

“Voila” it is done!

It makes about 4 servings and great for the whole family or saves to serve to your toddler throughout the week. If your kid still needs the pieces chopped up smaller I use a hand mixer to blend all of the ingredients together.

What are your go-to easy meals that you cook for your toddler?