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Freckleface the Musical

At Manhattan Movement and Arts Center

248 West 60th Street (Between Amsterdam and West End Avenue)

Now through April 1st


Just say “MAMADRAMA” for $40 tickets at the box office

or visit BroadwayOffers to purchase your discounted tickets on-line.

Kids can say the meanest things! Were you ever bullied or teased at school and just wished you were invisible? If you answered “Yes” then you could totally relate to Freckleface Strawberry in this adorable new family musical based on Julianne Moore’s best selling children’s book of the same name. Freckleface the musical is very kid friendly with tons of positive songs, some funny one-liners, and energetic dancing to keep even the youngest (and oldest) audience members entertained throughout the show.

The songs I liked the best were; I Can Be Anything “I can be anything I wanna be. I can be a rock star playing my guitar, I can be a monkey up in a tree, I can be a rapper; Put your hands in the air like you just don’t care. Or I can be a tapper” and so on. Then the song that immediately follows, We Wanna Be Like Them, showed the reality that everyone wants to be just like someone else. The popular girl wishes she was smart, Freckleface wishes she was beautiful and the geeky kid would love to be able to dribble the ball just like a jock. The moral of Freckleface the Musical is that everyone should accept and embrace how they look and who they are. The musical is age appropriate for 4-12 but as an adult the 70 minute long show flew by and many of the points are still relevant in my current day-to-day adult life.

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I was provided with complimentary tickets as a reviewer and contributor on behalf of MamaDrama The opinions expressed here are my own.