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My Husband and I love going to the movies. Date night always consists of going to a nice dinner then a show. When we saw the preview for War Horse he looked at me and shook his head “No.”  So, I knew that War Horse the movie (directed by Steven Spielberg) would never make it into our dinner and a movie date night rotation. However, last week I was lucky enough to receive an invitation to attend a private screening of War Horse and thought, “Perfect, I’ll get to watch a movie that I wasn’t planing to see, and I get to see it three weeks before it’s released to the rest of the world!” Not too bad. Oh, and Emily Watson joined the sneak peek doing a Q&A about her experience working on the movie.

The movie follows the life of a horse and a young boy during World War I and all of their adventures with the different people they meet along the way. The horse brings hope into many peoples lives, as his story moves through war-torn Europe. I became instantly attached to each and every person the horse interacted with, not caring what side of the war they were on.

The War Horse is a love story between a boy and a horse, but Spielberg highlights the underlying story of how young boys truly were who were fighting on the frontline and man’s inhumanity towards each other. During the Q&A Emily Watson mentioned that everyone in Britain has a similar story and knows someone who was directly affected by the war—her own great uncle died in the trenches at the age 17. A whole generation of Europe was wiped out for nothing! I really enjoyed how Spielberg directed a great epic war movie with out showing extreme violence, blood, and gore.

There were many tears in the audience, so I wouldn’t recommend watching it on opening day, Christmas. While War Horse is PG-13, I think it would be okay for children 8 and up. If you like Spielberg, war movies, and horses, War Horse needs to be on the top of your movie list. I even liked the movie, and I typically do not enjoy war movies or stories about horses.

I was a guest of Moms and the City for the free War Horse screening. You can watch the Q&A with Emily Watson on YouTube.

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