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I rarely send snail mail other than the occasional bill, thank you and birthday card. However last year when my son was born I decided to make it a yearly tradition to send out the “Strange Family Christmas Card”. However if you know me I procrastinate (on everything) so twelve days before Christmas I decide to create this new holiday card tradition!

We had already received numerous cards from family and friends, and my favorite cards all had a tiny elephant on the back. I soon learned that the cute little elephant meant that the cards were from Tiny Prints. There web page was easy to use but it took forever for me to decide on the right card to use because they has so many great options and designs. I ended up picking a modern design from DwellStudio. It took no time to uploaded a photo of Baby H. with Santa, change the text and uploaded our massive address list (I just checked and the list is still saved on Tiny Prints from last year). Two days later the cards were sent directly from Tiny Prints to our family and friends. How easy is that? And how cute is our Tiny Prints card from 2010?

On Tiny Prints you can choose between 460+ different holiday cards! To narrow down this large selection of cards you can check off the following features:

  • The number of photos: 0, 1, 2 or 3+
  • Photo Orientation: Landscape, Portrait, Square or Circle Ornament Cards
  • Themes: Christmas, Religious or Non-Religious
  • Color, Trim, Price, Paper etc.

My favorites again this year are the DwellStudio cards. I love how DwellStudio has collaborated with Tiny Prints to create 15+ different Holiday cards (and other occasion cards). DwellStudio designer Christiane Lemieux uses lots of color, geometric patterns and modern abstract shapes in her home designs and these recognizable designs cross over into her stationary line for Tiny Prints. Here are Two examples of this years DwellStudio Tiny Prints designs:

Left: All Things Merry Right: Chic Sophistication

Ohh and you can also create circular ornament cards, a perfect way for your Holiday cards to be displayed!

This year I am already ahead of the schedule I have the card and design already picked out (all the addresses still uploaded) I just need to find the perfect photo!

*By writing about Tiny Prints, I received compensation in the form of holiday cards.