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My son was 8 pounds, 21 inches when he was born—not too big, not too small. However, he started to grow and he grew quite fast. By his three-month checkup, he had doubled his birth weight and was two feet long! Needless to say, diaper changing became a messy challenge when we were not at home or traveling to my family at Christmastime. I needed a quick fix because he had almost outgrown the free changing pad that came with my diaper bag 33 months too early (boys are potty trained by three, right? I hope so).

Around this time, I went to a new moms lunch hosted by Big City Moms and a few of the guests had babies lying on a circular mat. I learned that this mat was really a changing pad (a huge circular changing pad). This was the answer to my current diaper-changing prayers. At the end of the lunch, one lucky mom was given a similar pad for attending and I was green with envy that I was not that mom. So, the second I got home I went online and ordered my own Patemm pad in Orange Signature Circles. See it here in comparison to the changing pad from my diaper bag—it’s almost as big as a NYC apartment!

I really liked learning that the patemm pad is Mom invented, made in the USA, PVC, lead, phthalate, BPA, latex, and formaldehyde-free.  My favorite part about  the patemm pad is that it folds up square to fit under the stroller, in a large diaper bag, or you can use it in lieu of a diaper bag altogether! The round design has four large, cleverly placed inside pockets to accommodate diapers, wipes, and even an extra outfit for those unexpected messes. When these “messes” happen the pad can be cleaned with a damp cloth or tossed in the washing machine (a must for moms!); the Signature Circle that I purchased is also waterproof.

The patemm pad is 30 inches or 28 inches depending on the design, and my son—now a 24 pound, 31 inch one year old—still fits fine on the pad. The Patemm pad is great as a changing pad, but I get the most use out of it when I am away from home and need a clean place to lay the baby while he plays (it also makes a great photo backdrop)!

Patemm pad also offers exclusive, limited edition prints to their Facebook fans!

Patemm pads are available online at: patemm.com, giggle.com, Pottery Barn Kids and at select retailers across the USA, Japan, Canada, and Australia.

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First image courtesy of patemm pad; all other images are my own.