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Seeing all the little kids dressed up for Halloween puts a smile on my face. This year Baby H. got to dress up twice in his sweet monster costume, once for the annual Big City Moms Halloween party and then again for his weekly gym tots class at the New York Kids Club. He just turned one so is too little to go trick-or-treating but I still wanted to dress him up and get a cute photo of him! The second he saw himself in the mirror he laughed so I knew the costume was a hit.

This is how Baby H. spent Halloween last year (I was probably doing the same thing) he was 11 days old.

I loved playing dress up as a kid so Halloween was the day of the ultimate dress up. My sister and I always had the best costumes and they never came from a package, they came from our imagination! My Mom was up for the challenge and we assisted her in making these costumes from scratch. My favorite was the year I was a Purple Kangaroo and my sister was an Ostrich Rider. The ostrich was made out of Paper Mache and I think my parents’ porch still has strips of newspaper stuck on it.

Halloween was a holiday that brought communities together. We would set out once it got dark with the neighbor kids to fill up our pillowcases with candy until they were so heavy that we could barely carry them anymore. It was fun to be out late at night walking around in the cold and I always knew that the man dressed up as an astronaut was going to jump out from behind the same tree year-after-year and guess what he successfully scared us year-after-year. Those were different times.

In high school and college Halloween changed from the fun carefree holiday to the very scary, gross gore and sexy holiday. I am glad those years have passed I hated being scared! However, every year from then on Halloween has disappointed me I buy a bag of candy but the trick-or-treaters never come. Has the holiday changed? Will Baby H. never get to experience Halloween the way I did as a kid? Is the neighborhood community gone? I hope not, I am glad that NYC has so many local events and parades for kids but the joy of Halloween was going door-to-door with your friends and screaming out TRICK-OR-TREAT in unison.