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Have your heard of Anna Edson Taylor? Probably not.

Do you know the story of the lady who went down the Niagara Falls in a barrel? Ok probably a few of you have.

Well Nineteen people have tried to ride down the Niagara Falls in a barrel or some sort of flotation device. Four died. Six were stopped before they could try it. Nine made the fall and lived to tell of it, Anna Edson Taylor was one of those nine. Not only did Anna survive she was the first person to achieve this crazy feat.

When I was five years old my family took a trip to Canada, during this trip we visited the Horseshoe Falls section of the great Niagara Falls. We did all the touristy things and even took a boat right into the safe section to the bottom of the falls. I remember being very cold, scared, wet and having a hard time seeing because of the mist. I learned about the attempts of people trying to shoot the falls and the first lady (Anna Edson Taylor) I even bought a postcard with her photo on it (lost at my parents somewhere)

Anne Edison Taylor took the history making plunge on October 24, 1901 at the age of 63 (the media believed she was 43). The several thousand bystanders that witnessed her trip agreed that it was reckless. She was taken to the hospital for shock but recovered soon after the stunt. Even though Anna Physically recovered she never really emotionally recovered.

The world premiere musical Queen of the Mist is based on the amazing true life story of Anna Edison Taylor. Queen of the Mist, words and music are by five-time Tony Award nominee Michael John LaChiusa, directed by four-time Drama Desk Award nominee Jack Cummings III and stars two-time Tony nominee Mary Testa as Anna Edson Taylor.

The Queen of the Mist is being performed at The Gym at Judson (not a real gym) but a very small intimate theater. The audience and stage setup made me feel completely apart of the show and each seat gets a completely different perspective of the show. There were 110 total seats in the theater and one half-faced the other half with the stage running down the center like an aisle. The Musical is Anna’s journey from life to death, the time before the falls (Act I) to the time after the falls (Act II). The story progresses up and down the aisle (stage) from heaven to hell on each end and the center being the most spiritual space. Anna’s (Mary Testa) best work is done right there in the center of the stage.

This musical is to not be missed if you enjoy true life history and music from the Turn of the Century, a musical that touches all the different emotions from laughs to sorrows, a show that features a leading lady above 50, and if you have ever been overlooked for doing something great.


Oct 18th – Dec 4th, 2011

Tickets on sale now! 

Premium, reserved seating starting at $65

General Admission seating starting at $58

TICKETS:  http://www.transportgroup.org/ or

call 1-866-811-4111

DISCOUNT CODE: $10 off with code TGMAMA

Performances at THE GYM AT JUDSON

243 Thompson St at Washington Square South



*Thank You MamaDram for providing me tickets to help facilitate this review*