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Baby H. came two weeks early but it was not a surprise, at my final OB check up I was already almost 6 centimeters dilated so the doctor had us come in on our own two days later (and enough time for my Mom to fly out from California). After checking in early Wednesday morning and waiting, given some medicine to induce labor, wait, wait, wait, an epidural, more waiting and water broken no more waiting…Baby H. came less than an hour later right after the sunset over the Hudson (lovely view from the delivery room).  Don’t you wish your labor/delivery story was that short and easy?

It was love at first sight; we had been trying for a healthy baby for almost two years (not so easy) before Baby H. came so it was a very happy overwhelming experience for my Husband and I. It had always been our plan for me to be a stay at home mom and after doing so for a year it is the best decision my husband and I have ever made.

The next three months were a blur. I wrote down all of Baby H’s milestones, activities and daily routines into a word document but looking back on them now it feels like I am reading a story about someone else’s life and kid. I took photos on a daily basis (first child syndrome) and multiple videos to help keep these early memories of him fresh. I am so glad I did this because my memories are tied into these documents, photos and videos (not in my sleep deprived first time Mom head).

Once Baby H. started sleeping through the night on my 30th birthday (lucky me) life started to get a little less blurry. I continued to document changes and growths but the daily photos turned into every-other-day photos and significantly less videos. Now a year later the photos are more like once a week (I need to fix this).

We traveled a few times this past year Seattle and California for Christmas, a well needed beach vacation to Turks and Caicos at four months, a summer trip to California to hang out with my family at eight months and a final trip to California at ten months to spend a week in Ojai. Baby H. loved the pool in Ojai (like mother like son).

Food has never been an issue for Baby H. he eats and loves everything I give him and is always very upset when the food is gone. He got his first teeth very early on so chewing has always been easy for him allowing me to expand his diet much faster. Baby H. is a very mellow easy baby (unless it has to do with food) He will happily play by himself, babbling and humming away to his toys.

We decided to have a birthday brunch to celebrate the first year milestone at a local restaurant Almond. Four of Baby H’s friends (from Rockin’ with Andy) showed up with their parents, a few of my Husbands co-workers and friends from HBS. It was a great brunch Baby H. ate a whole piece of red velvet cake (not a good idea, sugar crazed baby) and received tons of new toys and outfits.

I can’t believe a year has already passed and my little Baby H. is turning into a little Baby Boy.

I love my Strange Family