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This past Monday Baby H. And I went on a Mom and baby walking tour of Chelsea Market hosted by MiniMunchers and sponsored by Britax.

Chelsea Market opened its doors as a retail food complex in 1997. The market is located in the former National Biscuit Company (Nabisco) factory complex and takes up the entire block from 9th to 10th Ave and still has the original rail shed and building structures left intact.

I have strolled through the Chelsea Market numerous times in the past but never really took the time to learn the history of the structure so I was so excited to get to participate in the tour and adding in food makes it even that much better.

All the moms on the tour participated in Babywearing using the super soft easy to use organic Britax carrier (after two hours of carrying Baby H. my back felt great). Our wonderful guide Kurt was from Food of NY Tours (I am already looking into the other food tours they have throughout New York) he was full of laughs so much fun!

We started the tour at Eleni’s Bakery and while eating yummy red velvet cupcakes and sipping on Ronnybrook chocolate milk we learned about the buildings and neighborhood conversion in the past ten years and how some of the shops who were there from the beginning are only paying $5k a moth for rent!

Our next food stop was to The Lobster Place and we got to see lobster in every form and tons of fresh seafood! While eating a hot cup of lobster bisque Kurt pointed out some unique architecture features along the 800 foot corridor and how the windows used to open in the rail shed to let out the steam from the trains used by Nabisco. Baby H. was enjoying all the action and things to look at surounding him.

Buon Italia a little italian store was our next stop, we made our way to the back of the shop to sit, eat and talk for a bit. We got to taste a variety of meats, olives, smoked mozzarella, and artichoke spread. Kurt also brought us bread from Amy’s Bread to have with the items from Buon Italia (Baby H. loved chewing on the bread with the artichoke spread)!

Our final stop on this tour was Sara Beth’s to sample the buttermilk biscuits and two different types of jams (She was actually there in the back whipping up something amazing). This was such a fun way to spend an afternoon and get to experience something local with other Moms and babies in my neighborhood. I am excited to get to hang out with these ladies again and bring my Husband on a future Foods of NY Tour (he would love it).