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I own a “vintage” BabyBjörn from four years ago, which I inherited as a hand-me-down from my husband’s co-worker. Despite the promised convenience, I rarely use it. I only lock and load the baby in the BabyBjörn to go to the basement when doing laundry (we live in a NYC apartment) and for travel through airports, otherwise I find the carrier hard to use, difficult to adjust the baby’s weight correctly, and uncomfortable for longtime wear. So when I found out BabyBjörn designed a new baby carrier called the Miracle Carrier, I was curious about the design changes and if this updated version would get more use in my household (I also tried a wrap-type carrier but found it way too complicated to manage by myself, so I’m looking for something I can get on and off with my hands full) .

Within the first minute that the BabyBjörn product designer David Thalén showed off the Miracle Carrier at the sneak preview event, I could tell that this version is an improvement over my current carrier. It’s adjustable design looked so easy to use and the ergonomic waist belt is thinner to provide comfortable back support. Other great design features are correct neck support for newborns, extra soft textiles for sensitive skin, and it grows with the baby.

I had a chance to try on the BabyBjörn Miracle Carrier for a few minutes and with a weighted baby at that (not my own 22-pound 10 month old!), but I really liked how I could adjust the carrier on my own and choose to have the weight distributed from my shoulders to my hips to relieve pressure points as needed. The BabyBjörn Miracle Carrier can be used for carrying newborns high up, facing you and then lower, facing forward to the world once their neck is strong enough (around 4 months old). I love how it accomodates the baby’s growth up to 26 pounds and 15 months old, which is great for a forward-facing carrier!

Besides learning about the design changes on the BabyBjörn Miracle Carrier, Dr. Amanda Weiss Kelly talked about the positives of infant development and babywearing. The main point I took away from her discussion was a baby carrier needs to be comfortable for both parents and baby. I do believe the new BabyBjörn Miracle Carrier has it all, and I am excited for new parents to get to use it and enjoy all of the new design benefits! The only downside is the retail price of $184.95, but it would be a worthwhile investment for the babywearing, public transportation-going consumer in NYC and the like (or just hope to get it as a gift). The BabyBjörn Miracle Carrier will be released in the United States on October 1, 2011.

To learn more about the BabyBjörn Miracle Carrier, click here to read the company’s Q&A on the product. You can read the original post under The Goods at Salt and Nectar.

Images provided to me by BabyBjörn.

This post is NOT a sponsored or paid review. The BabyBjörn sneak preview event hosted by Electric Artists Incwas held at MEET at the Apartment in Soho on August 17, 2011. I received a gift bag with samples and one BabyBjorn toddler product.