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Today was my parents last day in New York, they have been here for a week and I am sad to see them go. To send them off with a full belly we decided to go to the Smorgasburg in Williamsburg for a farewell feast. It is our second time here but we were more prepared this time around. We brought enough cash, food for Baby H. and had a better plan on what we wanted to eat.

After walking around the market and taking in all the smells we decided to start with the biscuit and fried chicken from King’s Crumbs it was very crumbly and hard to eat but was a nice breakfast style starter. Then we shared multiple small bites from Bite Size Kitchen they reminded me of the Asian street food we had back in Hong Kong. We then had my favorite dish from Tenpenny, the Summer Market Vegetables covered in ranch powder and caramelized sunchoke. I just had this for dinner at Tenpenny in Midtown last Thursday but craved it so much that I had to have it again. Baby H. loved munching on the vegetables…I am so happy he is a good eater and always ask for more!

The day was so nice that we decided to take a short walk down on the Williamsburg waterfront and take some pictures with the beautiful New York City skyline in the background. We finished off our feast with a popsicle from People’s Pops for our walk back to the Subway. That was one good blueberry apricot Pop! I Love days like these in the city and I am happy that my parents were here to experience it.

 I Love My Strange Family