Cough Relief with Vicks VapoRub


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Dry air, especially common in the winter, can irritate a cough. These winter coughs are the worst at night because they can be sleep-wreckers. The key is to soothe your ticklish throat before you go to bed or while you are sleeping. According to WebMd, most kids aged 3-6 years old (the age range of my kids) need on average 10-12 hours of sleep per day, so when they are not healthy and have a cough disrupting their sleep, the healing process is slowed down.
Vicks® VapoRub™ hosted a sweet and informative 8-Hour playdate event at Recess in Dumbo for press and local neighborhood families. The invited press and local families left the event with key learnings about Vicks® VapoRub™ and the importance of staying healthy this winter, plus a sweet swag bag.
Image: Andrea Klerides
Image: Andrea Klerides

Recess Dumbo is a minimalistic, modern-looking play space for children that offers drop-in play sessions. The equipment is mostly wooden and custom-made for the large indoor space, it seems to encourage children to climb and think creatively with their bodies. It’s a perfect clean space for the littles to play while the adults learn more about the benefits of Vicks® VapoRub™ and staying healthy this winter.

Image: Andrea Klerides

Kids also had the opportunity to craft their own germ monster. So many fun creative germs were made by the children attendees.

Image: Andrea Klerides

Did you know…

  • Vicks® VapoRub™ is the #1 pediatrician recommended cough rub*
  • Has been trusted for over 100 years to provide fast-acting cough relief.
  • Vapors last up to 8 hours through the night.
  • Provides soothing cough relief for children Ages 2 and up.
  • As with any medication it’s important to read instructions and use only as directed. Vicks VapoRub can be used on children ages 2 & up – just apply to the chest and throat

My daughter literally just came down with a cough, that became significantly worse while she slept. So, I applied Vicks VapoRub to her neck and chest, this touch application allowed for bonding between us when she was not feeling well. The menthol scent helped to give her relief during nap and bed time. The familiarity of the Vicks scent let me know it was working to help her cough.

If you are looking for some great ways to soothe coughs, check out Vicks® VapoRub™ for some great coupons and offers, to try out the family of products for yourself.

*Symphony Health Solutions ProVoice™ Survey, June-July 2016


Teletubbies take New York, celebrating 20 years of Big Hugs!


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10 years ago, Mayor Bloomberg presented the Teletubbies with the keys to NYC. Now they are back, celebrating their 20th anniversary and the upcoming second season of the new Teletubbies, designed to appeal to today’s tech savvy toddlers. To mark the occasion, Tinky Winky, Dipsy, Laa-Laa and Po went on a four stop tour around NYC, to many of the cities most iconic locations. Ironically enough the four of them are just as iconic in a pop culture way than these NYC landmarks. I was lucky enough to have the chance to celebrate this 20 year milestone with the Teletubbies during their tour, and help spread Big Hugs to fans all over New York City.

Teletubbies in NYC

The Teletubbies made appearances at Brooklyn Bridge, Flatiron District, Times Square and Central Park. It was amazing how many fans they have out there, who grew up watching the show and are adults now, with kids of their own. Teletubbies has reached over 1 billion children to date, and the original show was broadcast in over 120 territories in 45 different languages. That a whole lot of fans! Everyone wanted photos and Big Hugs, and were excited to learn about the new season of Teletubbies on Nick Jr.

Meet Teletubbies lilstrange

In 1997 I was in high school and not the target demographic for watching Teletubbies, but oddly enough the show had a substantial cult following with high school and college aged students. The mixture of bright colors, unusual designs, repetitive non-verbal dialog and ritualistic format, appealed to many older than the preschool set. So now that I am a mom with kids in the Teletubbies age demographic, I am excited to share the updated Teletubbies episodes with them. The new features include the Tubby Phone smartphone and touch screen tummies. The Teletubbies may be seen on Nick Jr. weekdays at 9:47am.

Celebrating Big Hugs

Besides the Big Hug tour around NYC the Teletubbies had a huge 20th birthday bash to preview the new Teletubbies episodes, Play with the fun new cuddly, soft plush toys from Spin Master, try out the new Teletubbies game, and munch on some Tubbie Custard and Tubbie Toast.

Teletubbie Talking toys

The kids were 100% focused on the new Teletubbies show, lilStrange even watched it more than once. So many kids dancing and laughing as they watched the Teletubbies and their new baby friends.New Teletubbies showBroadway Kids help blow out the candles on the Teletubbies’ Anniversary Cake.Teletubbies_20_anniversaryI had a blast celebrating 20 years with the Teletubbies, and I am so glad my daughter enjoyed her time being introduced to the sweet classic show too. Make sure to Look for Season 2 coming soon to Nick Jr!

I was compensated for event attendance and promotion however as always all opinions expressed here are my own.

Easter events in NYC


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Soon enough Easter will be here, and below are a few fun and interactive happenings around NYC for Easter.

Skate with the easter bunny

Skating Easter Bunny

The Easter Bunny takes a spin on the ice with children visiting Rock Center.  An Easter tradition at The Rink at Rockefeller Center, families can skate with the Easter Bunny beneath Midtown New York architecture and bronze gilded statue Prometheus.  The Easter Bunny entertains guests as he skates and spins in celebration of the holiday.

Cost: $25 admission; $10 rental

When: Easter Sunday, April 16 Only, 9 a.m. to 3 p.m.

Where: The Rink at Rockefeller Center

5th Avenue between 49th and 50th Streets

New York City

Easter brunch nyc

Frozen Easter Egg Hunt at Minus5 NYC

Minus5 Ice Experience, located inside the New York Hilton Midtown, will host its fourth annual Frozen Easter Egg Hunt at the coolest lounge in Manhattan. Minus5 Ice Experience is the premium ice attraction where everything inside the bar is made of ice: the walls, the bar, the seats and even the glasses holding signature refreshments.

Starting on Friday, April 14 (through Sunday, April 16), families are invited to celebrate this fun-filled holiday with an icy spin on the traditional Eastercelebration. All kids (ages 14 and younger) will receive a complimentary frozen refreshment with entry and are invited to take part in NYC’s only Frozen Easter Egg Hunt featuring custom Easter eggs and goldfish frozen throughout the winter wonderland for guests to find. Those who find all eggs and goldfish will be gifted a treat basket, courtesy of Minus5.

Minus5 Ice Experience just unveiled a stunning new “ice”-terior renovation, featuring all new ice designed by world-renowned performance ice-carving artist Peter Slavin. Photos available upon request.

Easter bunny nyc

Breakfast with the Easter Bunny

Hop into spring and delight your children at Stella 34 Trattoria’s Breakfast with the Easter Bunny. This magical event features a delightful Italian breakfast (enhanced for 2017!) with fantastic 6th floor views of the Empire State Building, a keepsake photograph with the Easter Bunny himself and fabulous Easteractivities to keep the little ones smiling.


  • A delightful breakfast featuring an abundant family-style breakfast served to you at your table. Coffee, tea, and freshly squeezed juices, a Prosecco Bellini for adults. Also premium chef’s stations, including a NY-style bagel bar and a make-your-own sundae bar featuring the world-renowned Vivoli Il Gelato
  • A professional photograph with the EasterBunny – share it digitally and take home a printed copy!
  • Fun Easteractivities to keep the little ones entertained including balloon animals and facepainting
  • A takeaway Eastertreat to bring home


  • Sessions are available at 10:00am on Saturday, April 15, and Easter Sunday, April 16
  • $40 for children and $49 for adults (plus tax and gratuity)

Do you want to build a snowman?


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Walking home from school my son decided to walk in the snow versus the nicely shoveled sidewalk. This snow is so disgusting and not soft at all, mostly big chunks of ice dusted in city soot. He is also sporting one glove because he has lost every other glove, and no way am I buying him anymore this late in the season.

However, the kids were desperate to play in the snow, but most of the snow was already stomped through. After walking a block past hard soot covered snow, we found a decent patch on the island partition in the middle of the road. So do you know what, I let my city kids play right there in the middle of the street in NYC. They even successfully built a decent little snowman, and the huge smiles on their faces made it all worth it. Oh and I just realized when looking through these photos that lilStrange’s gloves are mismatched.making a snowmanCity KidsCity SnowmanDo you want to build a snowman? Yes, yes we do, and even city kids get their hands at making one. How did you spend your snow day in NYC?

The Way Back Home at The New Victory Theater


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“The Way Back Home” is a completely wordless production, done with puppets in a black-box stage, at The New Victory Theater. Based on the picture book with the same title by Oliver Jeffers, the story glorifies a child’s imagination in play.

The Way Back Home New Vic

In this childlike fantasy, a boy finds an airplane and takes it out for a ride—to the moon, where it runs out of fuel. Just as his flashlight grows dim, a spaceship crashes, and a Martian climbs out. Initially, each fears the other, but they quickly become fast friends. Soon they’re carrying out a splendid plan to repair their spacecraft and get back to their homes.

Watching the audience experience “The Way Back Home” was interesting too. Since there were no sounds coming from the stage, you could hear the kids in the audience saying, “What is he doing?” and “Is that his bed?” and just feeling their way through it by talking and making their own dialogue.

Make sure to arrive early so your kid can create their own puppet, to take on urban adventures throughout the city.

The Way Back Home craft

lilStrange made a purple puppet to match her purple JoJo’s Bow, and purple sweater. I wonder what her favorite color is…

New Vic Theater

If your kid loves an imaginative space adventure story, but you can’t make it to the New Victory show, pick up the book “The Way Back Home” by Oliver Jeffers. We have read this book every night since seeing the show and it is still a huge hit.

The Way Back Home by Oliver Jeffers

The Way Back Home has a running time of 45 minutes with no intermission and is
recommended for ages 3-5

Performance Schedule:
Friday, March 10 at 1pm
Saturday, March 11 at 10am / 1pm / 4pm
Sunday, March 12 at 10am / 1pm
Friday, March 17 at 11am
Saturday, March 18 at 10am / 1pm / 4pm
Sunday, March 19 at 10am / 1pm
Friday, March 24 at 1pm
Saturday, March 25 at 10am / 1pm / 4pm
Sunday, March 26 at 10am / 1pm

Perfect Strangers 72nd Street Station


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As you travel along the new Second Avenue Subway line in NYC you will find a first-rate art museum, comprised of mosaic works created in the tile, along the three new stations walls. Each station 96th, 86th and 72nd Streets feature large public artworks by four renowned contemporary artists, commissioned by MTA Arts & Design. They are collectively the largest permanent public art installation in New York City history. The best part is the admission to this “underground museum”, is equal to the cost of one subway ride fare.

The first station My Strange Family explored was the Second Avenue 72nd Street Station. The artwork that can be seen here is Perfect Strangers (2016) © Vik Muniz. NYCT Second Avenue – 72nd Street Station. Glass mosaic and laminated glass. Fabricated by Franz Mayer of Munich. Vik Muniz is a well known Brazilian artist and photographer.


Perfect Strangers is a series of three dozen life-size portraits of people that seem to be waiting for a train along the platform and entrances to the 72nd Street Station. Vik Muniz took staged photographs of normal people that he knew, and a few notable NYC locals, to help him develop this Perfect Strangers series.


My son trying to spin the world globe, being held by one of Vik Muniz, Perfect Strangers.


Super Boy and lilStrange posing with a red balloon mosaic made from glass.


Raising two kids in New York City I end up taking them on the subway multiple times each week, and many stations don’t have elevators. So, this is what I look like walking up and down the stairs with a lightweight stroller, hoping to not miss the next train. I will be happy when the stroller stage is over.

Mr. Muniz said, “In the subway you really don’t end up remembering anything but the people,” besides the people, I also remember the smell.