School of Rock the Musical totally rocks


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I am always on the look out for great kid friendly shows in New York City, and I was excited when School of Rock the musical contacted My Strange Family to experience the musical, and participate in a cast talkback after the show. Unfortunately we were stuck at the airport with a delayed flight, so I had the amazing Lillie from Jersey Fashionista and her daughter Liana step in. Lets just say they thought, School of Rock the Musical totally rocked!


Forget what you saw in the movie, School of Rock the musical, from Andrew Loyd Webber, really rocks! The broadway musical is full of high energy and great performances by lots of young talent. It will make you laugh, dance, even tear up a little.

School of Rock is a story about a musician named Dewy Finn who refuses to give up on music. He rents a room from his friend Ned (former musician) who is now “adulting” by working as a substitute teacher and living with his girlfriend, Patti (who hates Dewy for lack of rent). Dewy is pressured by Patti to get his act together or move out. When he gets a call that is supposed to be for his friend Ned for a new well paying teaching job, he decides to take the job in Ned’s place.

Dewy really wings his interview but the school principal is desperate to fill the position. He needs the money to pay rent, so he pretends to be Ned. He isn’t too excited about working with kids until he hears them playing classical music. Then, the fun really begins. The children are full of talent and Dewy sees the perfect opportunity to compete in the Battle of the Bands. Despite being a a little whacky, he teaches them the beauty of music and gives the children the gift of confidence.


I especially loved “Stick it to the Man,” one of the songs where Dewy teaches the kids to use music as an outlet for pain, anger, sadness- a way to express themselves. This resonated with me so much because this was the reason I encouraged my daughter to take up music when she showed interest. Growing up, music was also my outlet and it’s really such an amazing gift to any child.

Ms. Mullens, the school principal also sang a number that reminds adults not to forget the music that lives inside of us. And the children also gave a heart warming performance that really hits you if you’re a parent. It tells about how sometimes parents don’t take the time to listen. The song is emotional and shows a glimpse of each child’s home life. It’s really a powerful performance.

There were some references to today’s culture like Dewy saying he would vote for a woman president (referring to his little band manager Summer) or Billy, the band’s little stylist who loves fashion but his dad pressures him to love football, the two dads who adopted and more. It was refreshing to see because I’m sure many viewers can relate. The kids in the cast all really play their instruments, too. They are so talented and full of energy. It was just a pleasure to watch them on stage. For such young talent, they did an amazing job.


I had the opportunity to experience School of Rock with my daughter, Liana who is ten years old. I have to say, the musical was perfect for her age. The children in the story are also ten which makes it more relatable to her age group. There are some words that the younger kids may question or be shocked about. It really depends on your child- for example, if you have a child who picks up on everything it may be a good idea to wait.

Liana absolutely loved the show. As a little musician herself, she seemed to be so interested in watching these kids that are around her age perform. I saw her eyes light up when Dewy, the music crazed substitue teacher, told his student, Katie (who plays cello) that she could play the bass. Liana has been playing cello for almost three years and begging me for an electric guitar. Katie’s bass skills rocked and she was definitely my kid’s favorite character.


After the show, we got to meet some of cast members and Liana got her play bill signed. She had such a great time. In her words, “It was awesome!”

Thank you Lillie from Jersey Fashionista for covering, make sure to check out Lillie’s blog for everything fashion, beauty and lifestyle!

My Strange Family was provided tickets in exchange for review purposes.

Snow day in NYC


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It snowed all day yesterday, so we were determined to play in it today. The sun was out and the sky was blue, so it made playing outside in the cold manageable, even though it was in the low 20s. We probably lasted 30 minutes before rushing home for hot chocolate. My husband needs better snow shoes and jacket, because he was the one to get cold first.


Notice my sons mismatched gloves? He has somehow lost one glove in each pair, so until he finds the missing partner he will look silly. This is clearly a trend I hope does not continue, because buying multiple sets of gloves every year is not in my plan.


She loved playing and sledding in the snow, and would have happily played all day, if Mama and Dada didn’t start to freeze themselves.


City snow does not last very long so I am sure it will all be completely melted away by tomorrow. Unless another storm makes it way through, then it will just be a big mess, because tonight is trash night.


My sons feet are being kept warm by his Keen boots
My daughters feet are being kept warm by her Sorel boots

Collectible Disney Princess dolls from Madame Alexander


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Thank you Madame Alexander and for sponsoring this post with My Strange Family, all opinion expressed here are my own.

My daughter has been obsessed with Disney and Princesses since we celebrated her first birthday at Disneyland. She loves all of the Disney Princesses but has had a special connection with Cinderella right from the start. It might be because they have matching blonde hair and blue eyes, or that I always tell her “A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes” but no matter where the love comes from, lilStrange “wants” to be Cinderella when she grows up.

She dressed up as Cinderella for Halloween.


She was so excited, and kinda shy to meet Cinderella in real life at Magic Kingdom.


So when I discovered Madam Alexander was releasing 3 gorgeous 18-inch Collectible Disney Princess dolls just in time for Christmas, I knew we had to get the Cinderella for my daughter. I think I will have to get Belle and Ariel for myself, to complete the lovely collection.


You really have to see this Collectible Disney Princess doll in real life, because she is so beautifully dressed and made. Cinderella is ready to have a ball in her sparkling blue ball gown. Until the clock strikes midnight, she wears satin gloves, blue headband, a black choker necklace, and “glass” slippers.


The second lilStrange got her hands on the Madame Alexander Collectible Cinderella Princess Doll, she had to take her to the ball for a dance.


It’s like all of her Disney princess dreams coming true on Christmas morning.


For every girl who dreams big, there’s a princess to show her it’s possible. Celebrate Disney Princesses with the new collection of 18-inch dolls featuring luxurious design elements that every princess lover will cherish.

PRODUCTS: Collectible Disney Princesses
SRP: $ 89.95
AGE: 3+
LAUNCH: November 2016

Outdoor safety this holiday season in NYC


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Winter is officially here, and living in New York City without a car it’s inevitable that we walk outside multiple times each day. Every morning we layer up with a long-sleeve shirt, cotton sweater, thin jacket, tights, wool socks, waterproof pants then on top of that winter boots, a hat, scarf, gloves and a long puffy jacket. We are not preparing for an expedition to the arctic, just our daily commute to school and back on very cold winter days. When it snows in New York City, we need to be prepared.



The thing is we live in New York City and bundling up is our daily routine, but during the holiday season the many people who visit New York City are not used to being outside in the cold for long periods of time, and might not have all of the necessary tools for outdoor safety.


Ice skating under the tree at Rockefeller Center, breathtaking holiday lights throughout the city, shopping at NYC holiday markets and fairs, and the magnificent New York City holiday windows are all activities to be done outside, in the cold. To keep these experiences magical Northwell Health-GoHealth Urgent Care has put together some tips on staying safe outdoors this holiday season.

Northwell Health-GoHealth Urgent Care Outdoor Safety Tips

  • Make sure to walk where snow and leaves are cleared from pathways, and have salt sprinkled on patches of ice. The business and home owners in NYC are responsible for clearing the sidewalks, but it they are not clear avoid walking on that side of the street.
  • Leave the snow shoveling to the professionals.
  • Check children’s shoes, socks and gloves periodically to make sure they are dry while walking or playing outdoors in cold weather, to avoid frostbite and hypothermia.
  • If you suspect frostbite or hypothermia, remove wet clothing, rewarm as soon as possible but, do not rewarm unless you can go all the way, thawing and refreezing is worse.
  • Find a safe place for children to sled and choose a hill where children cannot reach fast, uncontrollable speeds.



So if you are planing on visiting New York City this holiday season make sure you stay safe while being outside in the cold. However, if a situation arises where you do need urgent care, there are over 30 different Northwell Health-GoHealth Urgent Care locations within the New York region, that allow you to self-checkin online and are easy to check the wait time at all the different locations.

Thank you Northwell Health-GoHealth Urgent Care for sponsoring this post for My Strange Family.


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