Highlight from Children’s Club


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Children’s Club is an international exhibition featuring all categories of children’s clothing from newborn to size 12, in NYC, four separate times each year. You will find everything from layette items, fashion accessories, footwear, toys and gifts.


The exhibitors at the Children’s Club reflect an eclectic base of new designers mixed in with the established collections. The attendees are mainly children’s specialty retailers and boutiques. Over the past few years the increase of press and social media influencers walking the show, is important for all the exhibitors to organically tap into the consumer through different forms of press. I was reached out by the Children’s Club to participate in an Instagram takeover, and had a ton of fun presenting my perspective to a whole new audience and introducing my audience to a new world of the Children’s Club.

Highlights from Children’s Club September 2016

Tom Kids- Specializes in quality, comfort and style. The Tomi Kids pajama collection tries to capture the the creativity, spontaneity, sophistication and innocence of youth in all of the pieces they create. I especially love the coordinating sibling pajamas and clearly my kids loved them too.tomi_pajamas tomi-kidsMini Melissa- A long time favorite of mine, and my daughter, are the sweet smelling jelly shoes from Mini Melissa. Every season they do some sort of collaboration with Disney and these new Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse designs are my favorite yet. This season the toddler sizes are moving up to 12, so I will get a few more years out of my daughter wearing them. They also have some fun mother/daughter tween/toddler styles to choose from, as seen over on my kristrange Instagram account.
mini-melissa-mickey-and-minnieRoberta Roller Rabbit- So many fun new prints and dress styles coming out from Roberta Roller Rabbit. I especially love this new dress because the fabric is linen, making it a perfect dress for travel and staying cool when the weather warms back up. They are also coming out with new casual play-time pajamas, made from the classic RRR prints as seen on the Children’s Club Instagram account, sweet dreams guaranteed.

roberta-roller-rabbitAndy and Evan Kids- Check does not have to be boring, Andy and Evan have created this fun button down shirt, with a print overlay of high-top sneakers, boomboxes, and mixtapes. Perfect for your little dude this spring. This fun apparel company is both product and customer-service driven and known for having high-quality dressy and dressy-casual clothing for children that is both fashionable and wearable.

andy-evanDex Clothing- Makes looking good effortless, I was already familiar with the adult line of clothes from Dex and was excited to see the upcoming kids line (on sale now at Lord and Taylor). All the pieces work together as a “family” and mix, match and layer perfectly together within the family line. The price point is perfect for everyday wear. Check out my other favorite Dex grouping over on the Children’s Club Instagram page. dex-clothingThe September 2016 Children’s Show was really great, with tons of fun new brands and some of my classic favorites. I can’t wait to see what will be in store for all the consumers this upcoming spring/summer season.

Thank you Children’s Club for sponsoring this post and allowing me to takeover your Instagram account. As always all opinions expressed here are my own. 


The moments dangle weightlessly


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With both kids is school most of the day, my time to explore by myself has increased. I saw this scrawl on one of my solo walks, “The Moments Dangle Weightlessly” and it made me stop and think about how I am choosing to spend my moments. The moments dangle weightlessly

Better Things on FX


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I just finished watching the pilot episode for the new FX original series TV show Better Things staring Pamela Adlon and co-created with Louis C.K. If you are already a fan of the hit comedy show Louie, you will most likely enjoy Better Things‘ too. Both actors Pam and Louis) have a similarity in the way they talk and write dialogue, but in Better Things a female, single mother of three is the lead. This show also feels more realistic and current to me as I am a mom, and I like how they are delving deeper into the characters and situations, right off the bat, in the pilot episode.


The show Better Things has a lot of learning moments throughout it and because the three girls are at different stages developmentally, most parents can either relate to one or all three of the daughter characters. Plus you can be single, divorced, married, or partnered to enjoy the show.

FX’s Better Things: My Motherhood Experience, In A Show

Just today we slept in way past our normal wake-up time, so we only had 15 minutes to get ready and out the door. Surprisingly we made it to school on time without anyone getting upset or complaining. It’s crazy in contrast to a normal morning when we have at least and hour and a half to get ready and never seem to make it on time and everyone gets upset kicking and screaming along the way. Watching Better Things is like seeing all of my tiny but very real struggles reflected back at me.


The best part is one lucky reader can win this fabulous Rock & Roll mom gift pack!

Rock & Roll mom gift pack includes

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  • “Credit Card” Mints

To enter this GIVEAWAY please click HERE, check out some hilarious clips from the show Better Things and leave a comment below on your own silly motherhood experience, just like the shows.

I will be picking a winner in the evening of Thursday Sept 29th EST good luck!


Don’t miss Better Things An FX Original Series on Thursdays at 10PM ET/PT on FX

Happy 100th Birthday National Park Service


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To celebrate the centennial of the National Park Service on August 25th 2016, the National Park Foundation (NPF) launched their Find Your Park campaign to encourage everyone to get up, get out there and #FindYourPark.

Find your park

In NYC we celebrated the National Park Foundation and National Park Service 100th birthday at Brooklyn Bridge Park Pier 1, with a fabulous birthday bash. They had Family-friendly activities during the day, a free ice cream social with Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory and the celebration featured music by Ramblin’ Dan and Questlove. My kids picked the chocolate chunk flavor, we will definitely be back for more in the future.

Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory

My son was most excited about meeting a real life Park Ranger at the National Park Service birthday celebration event in Brooklyn.

National Park Service

I grew up traveling to National Parks and want to pass this tradition on to my kids. We try to take the kids to National Parks during our travels, but we have many more on our bucket list.

Mount Rainier National Park

Mount Rainier National Park

You can check out all the ways you and your family can volunteer to participate at National Parks, to help preserve and protect them, by clicking here. Also If you are in NYC, here are the places you should make sure to visit

Top five NYC local National Parks, Monuments or sites

  1. Statue Of Liberty National Monument
  2. Governors Island National Monument
  3. Theodore Roosevelt Birthplace National Historic Site
  4. Lower East Side Tenement Museum National Historic Site
  5. Castle Clinton National Monument
Castle Clinton National Monument

Fountain near Castle Clinton National Monument with the Statue of Liberty in the background

Governors Island National Monument

Art on display at Governors Island National Monument

For more info check out FindYourPark.com There’s something for everyone!

This post was sponsored by the National Park Service, all opinions expressed here are my own.

California Dreaming with Enchanted Slumber


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California Dreaming while back in NYC. We spent a few weeks in California this summer and even though we are now back to NYC, we can continue to dream of California in this beautifully made all-in-one organic sleeper from Enchanted Slumber.

California Dreaming Enchanted Slumber

I love everything thing about this kid-friendly roll-and-go portable sleeping bag, made from organic cotton. It is supper soft and snuggly plus has an organic lavender-buckwheat pillow to promote relaxation. The fun loving California Dreaming pattern will have campers (or wannabe campers) and California grizzly bear lovers slumbering soundly. The material is cool for a summer layer, but warm enough for the colder winter months.

Enchanted Slumber

Perfect safe, non-toxic solution for travel or for your little ones having nap time at preschool this fall. If you have your kid “practice” napping in the Enchanted Slumber before going off to preschool, they will be able to transition better to their new school setting, having a sweet comfort from home. Check out their web page to see all the fun products and patterns, including new baby items and lunch totes.

About Enchanted Slumber

Anna Spanton created Enchanted Slumber out of necessity, she could not find something safe for her children to sleep in when they were going off to preschool. Anna wanted portable bedding that was safe for kids health, aesthetically pleasing, and made of sustainable materials. So the Enchanted Slumber sleeper was born. A soft, soothing sleeping bag that would make the child within it feel safe and warm. Enchanted Slumber’s core values include pursuit of wellness, beautiful design, and environmental sustainability.

Thank you Enchanted Slumber for providing My Strange Family with a Signature All-in-One sleeper. All opinions expressed here are my own.


Summer in the city


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You want to know what summer in the city looks like? Well here it is, kids covered in brown who …

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